A popular semi-permanent make-up treatment. Eyelash enhancement tattoo gives you perfectly applied eyeliner that extenuates the beauty of your eye – highlighting and enhancing its shape.


Eyeliner – Lash enhancement top $450

Lash enhancement top and Bottom $600

Eyeliner top $500

Eyeliner bottom $300

Designer eyeliner from $600

6-8 Week Follow up – $150


Creating a subtle eyeliner to fill in between your own natural lashes gives the illusion of thicker, darker and completely full lashes without looking like obvious make-up. The tattoo itself can be as fine or as thick as you like and can be applied to the top, bottom or both lash lines.

Free yourself from smudges, unevenness and an unsteady hand for the perfect eyeliner application by visiting the team at Etch Artisan.